Nihar Bhagat

My current skillset is at the intersection of Design and (actual) Branding.

Using that my Practice allows me to create entities that have a clear vision.


My name is Nihar Bhagat

Previously, Creative Director of Slangbusters, a Design studio that made long-lasting Brands.


What I learnt from Standup Comedy


I applied to Graphic Design


and then the river flowed towards Branding

Enrolled inEngineeringStarted writing for standup comedyJob as a Graphic DesignerQuit Engineering Took the offer to start a branding studioLearnt true meanings of Design and LeadershipPandemic hit the studioLoss of heart and vision#@! d3$p41r-tym42#0000Heart resurfaces

Before I knew it, I had with me what one calls A Practice

I have designed processes, led a team of creatives, found ways to hire such creatives, pitched difficult things to management, and created timeless visual designs.


Debbie Millman introduced me to the world of Design and Branding


Massimo and Lella Vignelli taught me how to Design


Alina Wheeler and Marty Neumier the beauty of well-done brands


Al and Laura Ries real differentiation


Juran possibility for quality planning

In 2017 🛰️on the way to my Engineering Mathematics exam, I heard Steve Jobs on Soundcloud 🎓 talk about doing great work and that the only way to do great work is to love what you do ⚜️ Since then, I have diverged from the well-trodden path 🪵 In the years that followed, I have learnt a lot from the great masters and helped many others to do the same 🫖

Intuition has been my sole filter

Using which I have created Logos, Names, Interfaces, an entire Branding studio even.